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2917What to do with "loose ends"

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  • dennis
    Mar 9, 2004

      We have been running SCRUM for about 5 months know. We have been successful at delivering functionality in each of the Sprints we have put together. The business is very pleased at the results as well.


      There is one nagging issue that has seemed to slowly expand over time. At the end of a Sprint as we are testing and demo’ing to the business, we identify several small items that need to be “fixed”: move this button here, change the color of this field, etc. All of these things end up on a “loose ends” list. They accumulate in a spreadsheet where we try to track them.


      The issue is that because they aren’t attached to a requirement anymore, they don’t seem to get the priority they should in a sprint. Yet they are things that need to be resolved.


      My question for the group is, does anyone else have a similar list at the end of a Sprint? If so how do you handle them? What process do you use to track them? Where do they fit in the priority of everything else? Should they be a separate Sprint or be at the top of the list at the beginning of the Sprint?


      Part of these I think I know the answer to, but I’m looking for experiences of others in this group and how they have handled it in the past.


      Thanks to all!




      Dennis Todd


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