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29072Re: Backlog of technical tasks?

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  • Michael James
    May 4, 2008
      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "Jeppe N. Madsen" <jeppe@...> wrote:

      > I've been skeptical about putting technical tasks on the backlog for
      > many of the same reasons listed in this thread. I think we should
      > make "the world a better place" one step at a time, by refactoring the
      > code as it's touched due to new requirements.

      Yes, and there's really no contradiction between these
      approaches once we see the Sprint Planning Meeting
      as a good faith negotiation.

      Normal technical debt should be paid off through
      the definition of "done" for product feature stories.
      Things like this might include refactoring away
      duplicate code, complex conditional logic, long
      modules, nested "catch" blocks, poorly named
      methods and classes, normal database schema
      changes, normal upgrades to third-party

      > If there really are technical debt that hinders
      > progress, this is an impediment.

      Yes, when progress on multiple fronts is impeded
      by severe fundamental underlying debt issues
      (often at the infrastructure level, like platform
      changes, major database changes, major library
      changes) it may be useful for the team to make
      it visible in the product backlog as a step toward
      breaking the repayment work into manageable
      pieces. Anyone can add items to the Product

      Of course we still expect some feature delivery
      every Sprint.

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