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29015Re: [scrumdevelopment] Re: Scrum / Agile Guidelines and Checklist

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  • Ilja Preuss
    May 1, 2008
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      banshee858 wrote:
      >> I agree, when the document states what the team members expect from
      >> each other, and when all the team members agree that it is the right
      >> thing to do, and agree on the content of the document. That is, when
      >> the document is the *result* of a conversation between all the
      >> affected people.
      >> That's not what I understood Michael's situation to be. It sounded to
      >> me as if the document codified what the team expected from "outside"
      >> members, and as if those possibly even hadn't been asked whether they
      >> wanted such a documented, and as if the document came *before* the
      >> conversation with all those affected. To the amount that this
      >> impression is correct, it would trouble me.
      > We don't know that.

      Correct. That's what I tried to express.

      > This could be the first draft or a starting point
      > for the discussion.

      In my experience, a document is seldom a good starting point for a
      discussion. And if it is supposed to be, it doesn't make much sense to
      get it *right*, anyway - in that case, we are simply the wrong people to
      get input from.

      > A lot of people do not understand what Scrum is
      > or how it works day-to-day, describing that makes things clear.

      And one of the base tenets of Agile - and therefore I guess also Scrum -
      is that face-to-face conversation is ways more effective than written
      communication. If we believe that to be true, we probably should act
      that way, too, shouldn't we?

      > FWIW, it is a little detailed for my taste and could be boiled down to
      > a few key principles that remind us of the details. Much like a user
      > story reminds us of the details of the requirements.

      I like that analogy! :)

      Cheers, Ilja
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