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28466Re: What's the meaning of "Adjusted Planning Velocity"?

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  • James S. Fosdick, PMP, CSP
    Apr 7, 2008
      I don't deny that that's what it's for. My argument is that it is a
      flawed strategy. In my opinion velocity based planning in sprint 1 is
      very dangerous. It takes several sprints to calibrate your velocity
      metrics so trying to base a committment on them (before you have them)
      doesn't make sense and is certainly not improved by adding a bunch of
      cruft. Rather the team should decompose backlog items until their
      available time is filled up and than back off one or two items.
      Pretending that we have a "scientific" way of estimating initial
      velocity by adding a bunch of multiplication factors feels very
      "waterfallish" to me. In any case it is definitely 100% voodoo which
      is something agile tries to get away from.


      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "Mark Levison" <mlevison@...>
      > I'm sorry James - I think your wrong. I don't have time to go
      through the
      > slide decks from the course but I really do think that this was
      involved in
      > answering the problem of estimating initial capacity so the team has
      > clue as to how many stories they can safely commit to.
      > Of course no someone will cite line and verse proving me a fool.
      > Mark
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