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28438Re: What's the meaning of "Adjusted Planning Velocity"?

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  • James S. Fosdick, PMP, CSP
    Apr 3, 2008
      There are a number of issues in play here. First off Scrum is so
      simple and Agile is so lightweight that people are often tempted to
      "improve" it with more complex innovations. Virtually all these
      mutations are, in my experience, deleterious. Velocity is a simple
      empirical observation that is retrospective and helps with longer
      range planning. Innovating on that with additional concepts is
      unnecessary. Velocity is what it is. Adding layers of complexity adds
      no value. For example of you say your velocity is X you are saying
      that you observed the team completing X in a given sprint. You can
      predict that you will probably deliver X in subsequent sprints. Adding
      a multiplier just adds more math without giving you additional
      information. People also seem to think that adding to the complexity
      of a mathematical equation adds to it's precision. In that case of
      velocity calculations that simply isn't the case.
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