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28431Re: [scrumdevelopment] Re: Developing a sense of commitment among the Team to completing the Sprint Backlog

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  • Rodney Wynn
    Apr 3 10:01 AM
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      If this is truly important to you then do not wait till the retrospective after the daily stand up bring it forward for discussion.

      Waiting in silence for the retrospective sends a message of acceptance of the team actions

      dvroberts411 <Douglas.Roberts@...> wrote:
      Hi George,

      I am the SM for the Team: sorry, I should have mentioned that in the
      original post.

      I have not brought it up as a topic during the Sprint Retrospective,
      but I have it on my agenda of topics to talk about for the upcoming
      meeting this Monday. I will take your suggestion and pose it more
      as a question to the Team at the meeting: 'What does it mean to you
      to 'commit' to the Sprint Backlog?'.



      --- In scrumdevelopment@ yahoogroups. com, George Dinwiddie
      <lists@...> wrote:
      > Doug,
      > Are you a member of the team? Have you brought it up in the
      > I think that saying something like this:
      > "I feel embarrassed that we don't complete the work we commit to
      > We manage to do some other things that aren't part of the
      > and this implies to me that our word to the Product Owner doesn't
      > very much. When I give my word, I like it to really mean
      > might be a good conversation starter.
      > If you're not part of the team, maybe the Product Owner should
      ask, at
      > the end of the planning meeting, what the word "commit" means to
      the team.
      > - George
      > dvroberts411 wrote:
      > > Howdy All,
      > >
      > > I'm in the midst of Sprint #3 with a Team that is new to
      > > but consists of seasoned development engineers. One trend that
      > > have noticed over the course of these first 3 sprints is the
      > > casual attitude about completing the Sprint Backlog. I've heard
      > > several comments such as 'Well, it doesn't look like we're going
      > > have enough time to complete that last story' on the sprint
      > > backlog. I am just not seeing the Team truly understand the
      > > of 'committing' to the Sprint Backlog, even though I try to get
      > > to elicit a statement of commitment at the conclusion of each
      > > Planning meeting.
      > >
      > > Can any of you share your ideas on how I can better instill an
      > > understanding among my Team of what it means to 'commit' to the
      > > Sprint Backlog? I certainly understand that the Team may have
      > > committed during the Sprint Planning meetings and genuinely
      > > complete a Sprint Backlog. But that is not the case: I am
      > > some members doing design work, or building libraries, that
      > > have nothing to do with the Sprint Backlog, just because they
      > > these activities are truly important and should be done. But
      > > results in all the user stories not being completed by the end
      > > our sprints. And the reaction I'm seeing from Team members is
      > > like 'Oh well, that's the way it goes. We ran out of time'.
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