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26827Re: The Scrum Release Plan Dilemma

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  • aacockburn
    Feb 4, 2008
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      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "Tobias Mayer"
      <tobyanon@...> wrote:
      > I have never found a project that has a meaningful
      > and complete backlog.
      > These are features that previously were simply not
      > thought of, and only emerged as a result of the
      > stakeholders seeing the working software.
      > It plays havoc with any kind of release planning.
      > How do you do effective release planning in the
      > face of all this change?
      > The alternative is to have no release plan, or a
      > purely date-driven plan with little knowledge of what
      > will be in each release beyond some wild guesswork.

      You semi answer the question ... you have to move to a
      date-driven plan.

      The purpose of each release planning exercise now becomes:

      "With what we NOW know, what will the most useful system
      we can create look like on THAT date?"

      Personally, I think that is a valuable exercise. It allows
      also for the sponsors to reply with,

      "What would it look like if we changed the date?"

      Personally, I think that you should always have a coarse-
      grained statement of time and content goal (and everyone
      on the team should know it). If you are missing that, then
      it is hard for everyone on the team (including the sponsors)
      to pull in the same direction.

      Does this help you out at all?

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