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  • tony pagliocco
    Feb 1, 2008
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      As a new member to the scrum process, I downloaded this checklist tonight and compared to my notes from my teams first sprint.  I highly believe that a chart like this would have helped me during my first sprint because of the guidelines that are laid out, it takes the whole and lets you focus on each piece sectionally.
      I believe that the best progress comes from diving heads in and learning from your early mistakes, but also being able to make sure that the proper processes are being followed becuase just in this first sprint I was able to find myself having shorter, more productive meetings becuase we were focusing on the sprint backlog and not allowing outside members to throw stuff on top of the pile without making sure they knew that if they wanted item A done, then we'd have to remove item X from the list.
      In this short time I've learned that if your boss has to make a decision about getting A at the expense of losing B, he then begins to really look at the true value of item A.
      I'll be posting this chart on my whiteboard for sprint 2 , thanks!

      Tony Pagliocco
      Development Manager

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