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26782Re: using story points to estimate tasks

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  • Mike Sutton
    Feb 1 4:13 AM
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      Bear with me whilst I explain by example...

      There is a story:
      'As a book shopper, I want to search for books by ISBN'...
      This is what the customer knows and wants -
      The team says this story is a 3 pointer.

      So the team (one person/a pair - whatever) picks up the story and
      break it down to tech tasks (keypresses don't count!) - to make sure
      they cover the bases etc

      This is for a web appplication, so they identify the tasks as:

      a screen to be designed to take the search;
      one screen for the results
      a database query to be written
      some indexes to create on the database
      and all the glue inbetween. The team also has additional tasks to do
      as part of 'done' (unit tests, a sequence diagram to cement their
      understanding of the required flow). These always have to happen (not
      all but they have to go through the thought process) so maybe don't
      have to be explicitly listed.

      Infact, these are the same elements of the story that the team
      mentioned when trying to estimate the story.

      During the story planning with the developer, tester and PO - the
      tester asks 'what do you think you might do first, when do you think
      the screen would be ready for me to have a look at' etc, to which the
      developer gives rough hour based estimates.

      The key to my point is that if we as individuals internally logically
      use tasks to size stories and use hours in estimating tasks
      informally, let us have visibility of that in the process. And just
      like the prime directive, let it be known that they are ESTIMATES!

      I don't want to see stories from the customer like

      'I want a databse query for ISBN search' or 'I want an index on
      BOOK_ISBN' - I suspect that the customer does not know or care about this.

      To me this is a symptom of a product owner on too much techie juice!

      Anyway - ramble over - thanks for sticking with me this far :), this
      thread has helped me galvanise various ideas in my head to try with my

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