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26438Importance of Scrum Master Training / Cert

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  • tpagliocco
    Jan 19, 2008
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      Our team is new to Scrum and to the framework and rules that go along
      with it. I'd say for being new to the game, the team is getting
      hungry to a) learm more about scrum and b) begin banging out more in
      less time.

      Overall, this a good thing.

      From my perspective, my question is, how important would Scrum Master
      Certification help me not only lead my team, but also help to continue
      educating on the foundations of scrum.

      Our CTO is a great resource for help on scrum (however he's not in our
      office, but in our corporate office in another state) but I believe in
      my role I have to not only continue to expand my knowledge on the
      subject but also try and educate myself as fast as possible so I can
      help guide the rest of the office.

      Your opinions are welcome. Thanks much.
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