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26152RE: [scrumdevelopment] Re: Break down product backlog problem

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  • leo.ren@nsn.com
    Jan 3, 2008
      Hi Tom
          you are right. this PM is not a scrum master. even more, he doesn't know agile.
      I know this is the problem of our organization, but that's fact. I have to face. acctually,
      he uses waterfall thinking because he is familiar with that .I will try to find another
      way to solve this problem. thanks.

      Best Regards
      Leo Ren 

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      Leo - you have encountered an issue that isn't unheard of, for sure.  First, you refer to the other person as the "project manager."  Is this person actually the ScrumMaster (and has he or she been trained as a Certified ScrumMaster? )  This is important, because if so, then he/she would understand the rationale for keeping Sprints a constant duration and receptive to your suggestion of breaking the feature down. 

      Not all work is suited for completing it within a Sprint - it would be great if it fit so nicely, but there can be technical work that spans two Sprints.  Ideally, the goal is to try to develop features and other technical requirements to a state of agreed done within an iteration.  If some work cannot be accomplished in that timeframe,  then the team needs to figure out how to best break it up (decompose it.)  The "PM" may not think it has value, but in the self-organized, self-directed team environment of Scrum, his opinion is simply one of several and the decision is not solely his/hers.


      In scrumdevelopment@ yahoogroups. com, <leo.ren@...> wrote:
      I encounter a problem when I convince one project manager when we break down product backlog.  There is a feature, which can not be finished in one sprint, I suggest  to break it down and finish them within two sprints. But the PM doesn't agree with me, he thinks  it's no value to do so.   And he thinks we can re-schedule this special sprint to twice of one normal sprint duration. I think it's not good.  We should keep the duration of one sprint to be same.  But I can not  convince him. Can anybody help me? Or I'm wrong?

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