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26126Re: retrospective to kick off Scrum roll-out

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  • Mike Sutton
    Jan 2, 2008
      Hi Alexey (and happy new year!),

      this is a really great idea because:

      a) it focuses everyone's attention on the experiences of the 'old way' - and provides an
      opportunity to knowingly learn (both good and bad stuff) from that process.
      b) if you remind people that the retrospective itself is a fundamental part of Scrum and
      that you will be doing one at the end of every sprint - it reinforces that Scrum is a
      feedback and inspection based approach.

      I did one at a client about a year ago and it really helped to identify expectations and
      reservations pretty early on. We included everyone in a series of retrospectives - (the
      architects, testers, business etc) and did a retro from the viewpoint of each of those
      groups (how the old way worked for testers for example).

      My advice would be:

      have a tape recorder or video the sessions - you don't want to miss anything from these
      sessions. Not as a tool for blame, simply to ensure you capture everything in context for

      try to keep the discussion focused - be a faciltator and do not lead the discussion -
      people will want to get a lot of stuff off their chests (concerns, grievances, suggestions),
      but you also want to make sure you don't lose the focus of the retrospective.

      good luck!


      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "Alexey Krivitsky" <alexeykrivitsky@...>
      > Happy New Year, all !
      > Has any one tried (or not tried for a reason) to kick off Scrum adoption
      > with a retrospective session, provided that the project is an ongoing effort
      > and has followed a non-agile process?
      > I am about to help one project adopt Scrum and have an intention to run a
      > retrospective after a Scrum intro. The goal of the retrospective would be to
      > facilitate the team to figure out the main differences in the current team's
      > process versus Scrum. Then prioritize the list and build an action plan for
      > Scrum roll-out where the team is committed and is driving the adoption.
      > Thanks for any inputs and ideas.
      > --
      > Alexey Krivitsky,
      > Coordinator of AgileUkraine.org
      > Scrum coach at ScrumGuides.com
      > Phone: +380 50 358 92 12
      > Skype: alexeykrv
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