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26123Re: [scrumdevelopment] retrospective to kick off Scrum roll-out

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  • Sarath Kummamuru
    Jan 1, 2008
      Hi Alexey,
           That would be a jolly good idea. For most of the teams that I coach, after doing a basic scrum training, I do get the teams to sit together in a retrospective and discuss what they do and what they donot do that match the Scrum practices that we discussed and what will work and what they feel will not.

           Then we get the team to draw the Team Ground rules based on this discussion. Many teams might avoid a few of the practices to start with based on what they discussed. They say (ok may be pair programming is not so critical, lets look at it on a need basis), (I donot think we need a task board and all we donot have space, we can make do with an excel sheet, we found some excel sheets for all this stuff online, lets use that).

          So we do this activity, go with what ground rules the team is comfortable with, I as a coach do participate in the retrospective just as  team member and say we should try to do these, so on and so forth.

           Most cases these things do help and set a platform for scrum adoption. So go ahead and do it, Do also post back experiences :-)


      On Jan 1, 2008 12:55 PM, Alexey Krivitsky < alexeykrivitsky@...> wrote:

      Happy New Year, all !

      Has any one tried (or not tried for a reason) to kick off Scrum adoption with a retrospective session, provided that the project is an ongoing effort and has followed a non-agile process?

      I am about to help one project adopt Scrum and have an intention to run a retrospective after a Scrum intro. The goal of the retrospective would be to facilitate the team to figure out the main differences in the current team's process versus Scrum. Then prioritize the list and build an action plan for Scrum roll-out where the team is committed and is driving the adoption.

      Thanks for any inputs and ideas.

      Alexey Krivitsky,
      Coordinator of AgileUkraine.org
      Scrum coach at ScrumGuides.com
      Phone: +380 50 358 92 12
      Skype: alexeykrv

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