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25611Praise for Scrum

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  • Alan Shalloway
    Dec 3, 2007
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      I just wrote a blog I think might be of interest to members of this
      group. It's titled Praise for Scrum and starts with:

      I have been accused of two things in the last few days. One is true,
      the other isn't. The one that is true is that I'm always looking for
      what's missing and not acknowledging enough what has been done. The
      one that isn't true is that I don't like Scrum. Although as CEO of a
      global training/consulting company I feel I need to look for what is
      missing, I also need to praise and acknowledge the good things around
      me. Something I don't do this as much as I could. Since I am a firm
      believer in the ability of people to create magic in their lives, I
      guess this makes me a very optimistic, half-empty glass kind of
      guy. :)

      However, I am committed to acknowledging more about what is good and
      less about focusing on the negative. As a start down this path of
      personal transformation, I wanted to take an opportunity to praise
      Scrum and discuss many of the things I like about it. So here goes.

      To see the rest, go to our blog (http://www.netobjectives.com/blog).

      Alan Shalloway
      CEO, Net Objectives
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