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25604Re: Product Owner as Scrum Coach

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  • Matt
    Dec 3, 2007
      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "Wolfgang Schulze Zachau"
      <wolfgang@...> wrote:
      > if Scrum is done properly, then the PO has no say into how the team
      > their stuff.

      You mean "no say" other than nixing the project because it is no longer
      feasible given the estimates that the team delivered? Or (if the PO is
      also the business owner) nixing the team and starting over with a new
      team? (admittedly one that will be set up for failure from day 1)

      >In other words: in this case the PO deserves to have his knuckles
      rapped. Properly.

      While a rapping of the knuckles is sure to be communicative, it might be
      better to have a sit down and explain *why* the team is defining DONE as
      including tests etc. It shouldn't be too difficult to explain in a way
      that makes good business sense... particularly since it *does* make
      good business sense to test properly right?

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