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25601Re: Agile workplace - best configuration?

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  • James S. Fosdick, PMP, CSP
    Dec 3, 2007
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      I think team rooms are crucial to foster the kind of
      hypercollaboration that agile methods require. That being said people
      do need their own space from time to time. Our current configuration
      is that each team has everything setup in a single room with cubicle
      furniture dismantled so that everyone is working in a circle with
      white boards around the perimeter. In addition most developers have
      their own office which they share with one or 2 people. In general
      team members don't spend much time in their offices except Scrum
      Masters. In addition we have a large conference room converted into a
      "play room" with comfy couches a big flat screen TV Xbox etc.
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