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25587RE: [scrumdevelopment] Single backlog per team

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  • Wolfgang Schulze Zachau
    Dec 3, 2007
      That is the way we handle this situation. We have one team and one product backlog covering a variety of projects. There is one product owner and he is the ultimate decider on priorities, after careful consultation with the customers and other stakeholders. Works well, as long as the PO is left to make his own decisions. As soon as he is meddled with, things tend to go astray. We (as a company) have learned from that and now he is mostly left alone. Of course, you need thr right kind of guy to be PO. Somebody who is truly impartial and cannot be bought. And he needs a bit of brains.




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      On Dec 2, 2007 4:13 PM, gzgruber <gilad.gruber@ gmail.com> wrote:
      > Our teams sometimes have multiple projects. I am wondering what is the
      > best way and what is the SCRUM way of handling this. My feeling is that

      Ideally, I think it's best to have one team working on one project
      only. That said, I guess it could work to have one backlog spanning
      several projects. But I think that would require that you have the
      same PO for all projects. Someone that can prioritize all work for the

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