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2507Re: [scrumdevelopment] Iteration Length

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  • Phlip
    Feb 14, 2004
      Devon Miller wrote:

      > Actually, weeks are natural too. They correspond to
      > the phases of the moon
      > New moon, waxing quarter, full moon, waning quarter.

      Ken pointed out he forbade the Industrial Logic
      metaphor of "nebulous units of time" because nobody
      needed "we got big NUTs" getting back to any number of
      Human Resource Departments.

      (I wax nostalgic for Omnigon's way cool HR department.
      Whenever she wandered into the programming pit we'd
      drop what we were doing and indulge in the most
      advanced and witty HR harrassment. She know'd she'd
      had to start this with her standard lecture at hiring
      time; we all had a blast. But some HR is hired because
      they help the brass think they'l reduce their odds of
      getting sued.)

      Workplace diversity requires us to allow folks who
      don't "believe in" bicameralism, or this or that
      diety, or lunar phases, to opt-out without limiting
      their own career.

      A lunar week is a nebulous unit of time - 7 days ~11
      hours - and matching iterations to it would cause
      friction on two fronts - the business calendar and the
      diversity aspect.

      But evoking biological circadian rhythms as the
      natural basis for our calendar, and iteration lengths,
      might be pragmatic.


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