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25023[scrumdevelopment] Re: Getting Design Done in Scrum

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  • Michael James
    Nov 7 8:18 AM
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      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, Roy Morien <roymorien@...> wrote:

      > I think that once the database schema has been put into production, the number of
      changes will be limited.

      Yeah, I think so. But not zero.

      Nearly every release of ScrumWorks requires a schema change; it's
      hard to change functionality substantially without changing the
      persistent store. Years ago we'd let customers run the
      migrator manually, and some percentage of them would find a
      way to botch it. Now it's automated with the upgrader, reducing
      the cost, but not as low as simply renaming a method or
      refactoring away duplicate code.

      What we *don't* do is leave in all kinds of hooks for all the stuff
      we think we might need in the future.

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