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24901Re: [scrumdevelopment] Potentially releasable software

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  • Ilja Preuss
    Nov 1, 2007
      Mark Graybill wrote:

      > - Our software is classified by the FDA as a Class II medical device so
      > getting filing done every 30 days is a challenge.

      I wonder how PatientKeeper is doing it.

      > - Our full testing suite takes a full week.

      What are you planning to do to decrease this time?

      > - From a project standpoint, 30 day Sprints are challenging and 15 day
      > Sprints impose a near impossibility to produce a releasable product or
      > even potentially releasable at the end of every Sprint.

      What are the roadblocks to getting a releasable product in that time frame?

      > - The idea of deploying at this frequency has not been well received by
      > our customers.

      That probably means that receiving a deployment is in some way "painful"
      to your customers. Where is that pain coming from, and how could you
      mitigate it? What would be needed to make it a no-brainer?

      > The proposal in debate is this:
      > - Each user story involves a procedure to bring it to potentially
      > releasable status.

      I always thought that was the *definition* of a user story. Isn't it?

      > - The end result is a feature tested and integrated into the product.

      Sure. "Done done".

      > - But the product itself does not go through full testing every Sprint.

      If you don't fully test the product, how do you never whether you are
      really *done*?

      > - Have alpha releases that only require an alpha contract and do that
      > every two Sprints.

      What does "alpha contract" mean in this context, and how would it help?

      Curious, Ilja
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