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24899Re: Breaking the Ice in Daily Scrums

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  • Tobias Mayer
    Oct 31, 2007
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      Hi Carlton,

      yes it was a blanket statement, and of course I do not know your context
      (and I respect you also). I just happen to think though that this whole
      "bring food" thing that seems to be so popular in Scrum circles is
      loaded with old-world think. It is patronizing and assumes an us/them
      dynamic: feed the masses... keep them in line. I think we (qua Scrum
      Masters) should be finding healthier ways to interact with team members,
      ways that are a level or two above satisfying base needs.

      Team members bringing food and sharing, well, that's something
      altogether different.


      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "banshee858" <cnett858@...>
      > >
      > > > Try bringing food!
      > >
      > > Have to say I disagree with this too. It is another form of
      > > patriarchy, only a tiny step away from command-and-control in the
      > > scale of organizational health. besides, the meeting is only
      > > fifteen minutes long. No one's gonna talk with a mouthful of food.
      > >
      > Tobias, I respect you immensely, but I think you are wrong to make
      > such a blanket statement. I had a dead, stale Daily Scrum and the day
      > I brought food was the day these people loosened up and began to
      > buy-in to the whole Scrum process. It also got people to come on time
      > since if you were late for your Daily Scrum, the offender had to "pay
      > the penalty" of bringing food for the Team the next day.
      > Carlton
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