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24695No Best practice was: Re: Sprint whiteboard and issue tracking tools?

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  • Paul Oldfield
    Oct 22, 2007
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      (responding to George, Austin)

      >> (Austin)
      >> Bug tracking systems *are* a best practice.
      > (George)
      > No practice is "best" for all contexts. I agree with Michael
      > that attacking the need for a bug tracking system is a
      > powerful approach. If bug tracking is a "best practice,"
      > then bug elimination is a "better than best practice" in
      > my experience...

      It is best (Oops! good) never to use the term "best practice".
      That is a political or religious term; it says "You don't need
      to think about this". Its use belongs in places where people
      can't, won't or shouldn't think about how they do their work.

      One should always ask oneself; of those three, which applies
      in this situation?

      Paul Oldfield
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