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24647Re: Sprint whiteboard and issue tracking tools?

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  • Michael James
    Oct 19, 2007
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      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "Sebastien ARBOGAST"
      <sebastien.arbogast@...> wrote:

      > What do you think? What are the best practices in that matter?

      Some practices which tend to reduce the need for a bug tracking

      1) All backlog items should have a clear definition of "done." At the
      Sprint Review Meeting, the team does not get credit for any item
      that doesn't meet that definition. It goes back into the product
      backlog, and doesn't count towards the team's velocity.

      2) The definition of "done" should include not causing a regression
      failure (not causing something that used to work to stop working).

      3) If an item meets the definition of "done" but anyone realizes
      they want it to do something else, give credit for completing that
      item and create new item(s) in the Product Backlog for the new
      desired functionality. Don't get stuck on whether it's a bug or
      an enhancement -- it's just work in the Product Backlog to
      get prioritized along with everything else. Get used to saying
      "That's a new story in the backlog."

      (If we're doing our job as Scrum trainers, about 20 people
      should jump in with this answer.)

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