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24332nd Canadian Agile Network Workshop Call for Participation

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  • Carmen Zannier
    Jan 30, 2004

      Call for Participation


      2nd Canadian Agile Network Workshop

      Held in conjunction with SEKE 2004


      June 20-21, 2004


      The Banff Centre, Banff Alberta, Canada



      The goal of the second Canadian Agile Network Workshop is to disseminate ideas, lessons learned and best practices of adopting agile methods and moving them to the mainstream. Keynote speakers at the workshop will be Jim Highsmith and Joshua Kerievsky. This year the main focus will be on:

      ·         agile culture

      ·         following organizational change

      ·         agile project management

      Other submissions will also be considered.


      Your Participation Is Invited

      Twenty involved members of the software engineering community from academia, industry and government will be invited to attend this two-day workshop. You are invited to submit a one page position paper by March 10, 2004 outlining your thoughts relative to organizational change, agile culture and agile project management. Paper submission includes the commitment to share the results of the workshop with other members of the Canadian Agile Network.

      The registration deadline in March 10, 2004 and must be accompanied by a position paper. The registration fee is CDN$500. (Room availability is not guaranteed after March 10, 2004).

      Registration is on a first come, first served basis.
       Please submit position papers, and workshop related questions to Carmen Zannier at this email address.

      Please see http://www.agilenetwork.ca/ws2004 for further workshop details.