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24282Re: [scrumdevelopment] Sprint cycles?

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  • Tina
    Oct 5, 2007
      I actually took the other tack, and appreciated the regular rhythm of M-F.  That let folks know that Mondays were sprint kickoffs, Fridays we were wrapping up, etc. If we had a week with a Monday holiday, we adjusted our meetings by a day, and also then adjusted what we thought we could do for the sprint.

      I figured the regularity of the sprints was a big win for us, and that vacations, etc, would otherwise alter sprints anyway, so trying to get precisely a 80 hour timebox per team member wasn't going to happen..

      On 10/5/07, Andrew Burrows <andy@...> wrote:

      Hi Fredrik,


      I'm pretty new to Scrum Development myself, but I find it best to stick to cycles that are the same duration rather than constrain them from Monday to Friday. 


      What this means to us is that while starting a ten-day sprint on a Thursday instead of a Monday, for example, isn't as neat in the calendar, it allows the team to develop a rhythm for each sprint and also gives us a fairer sprint velocity calculation.


      This is only my take on the issue, however – I'd be keen to hear from other people on this subject also.




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      We have been discussing pros and cons of running a sprint from Monday
      to Friday (we use 2 week sprints so it is actually Monday to next
      Friday) compared to having another "cycle", say Wednesday to Tuesday.

      We have always used Mo - Fr, so I would very much like to hear
      opinions from people using another "cycle"



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