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237RE: [scrumdevelopment] Scrum and organization

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  • Mike Cohn
    Mar 18, 2002

      Hi Amy—


      Yes, I am currently using Scrum. My company is Mountain Goat Software, which does software consulting and outsourced product development. Right now I am consulting to a data visualization software company that develops very high-end visualization components using Java. I would consider them more of a traditional ISV rather than a dot-com or web-based company.


      We are in North America.


      Generally Scrum is a very successful approach for me and it is on track to be so in this case. I have, of course, been involved in Scrum projects that I do not consider successful as well. (They always delivered a product but I’m not sure the product was what it should have been and at an appropriate cost.) However, even in those cases (and there aren’t many) we were more successful with Scrum than we would have been with a more plan-oriented process.


      I think Scrum always needs to be tailored for the specific situation. Scrum is wonderfully vague in that it doesn’t say “here’s how to document requirements” (if they’re documented at all) so when I meet a new group that is one of the things they need to figure out. I can offer advice based on what has worked in the past but it is up to the team to decide how to do things like that. So, I don’t think two Scrum projects are ever identical.


      --Mike Cohn


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      Subject: [scrumdevelopment] Scrum and organization


      Hi Scrum users,

      I would like to know if you are currently using Scrum S/W development
      process in your organization.  If yes, could you please let me know:

      1.  Name or type of your organization (are you a dot com or web based
      2.  Country (are you in North America, Japan, Europe, or Asia?)
      3.  Success / Failure (are you successful in applying Scrum?  or, do
      you need to tailor it to fit your case?)

      Thank you sincerely for your advice!

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