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2369[OT] We made it to slashdot

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  • Hubert Smits
    Jan 7, 2004
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      Word on Scrum is spreading and has now reached the twilight zone of development/hacking of SlashDot:
      | Agile Software Development with Scrum                              |
      | from the moistened-bint-lobbing-scimitars dept.                    |
      | posted by timothy on Tuesday January 06, @12:55 (programming)      |
      http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=04/01/05/1712222                |

      bucketman writes "Saw this book at Chapter's and bought it and read it
      straight away. I've been kind of sitting on it for a month or two because
      my reaction to this book was so strong that I kind of wanted to see if
      time would mellow it. Well, it hasn't and I'm ready to post now. Note
      that this book has already been [0]reviewed on Slashdot once, but I've
      decided to send in my review anyway, as it presents more detail as well
      as an alternate point of view and might be of interest." Read on below
      for bucketman's take on the book (and the methodology).

      This story continues at:

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      -- Hubert

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