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2302Re: [scrumdevelopment] Re: QA and Agile

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  • ed_barton@i2.com
    Dec 3, 2003
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      > And on top of that, how does agile/scrum play into a company's ability
      > to be compliant with section 404 and 409 of Sarbanes Oxley? Are
      > public companies changing internal methodologies to something more
      > heavier weight in hopes to appear more risk averse?

      Public companies are definitely changing internal methodologies to be
      heavier-weight because the executives must certify that they have adequate
      internal controls. I think that in a lot of cases this extra control can
      be steered in the direction of more documentation (which is in itself
      heavier, but not necessarily a lot heavier), rather than to maximally
      heavyweight processes. Audit committees may be more concerned that there
      is a trail to establish that you followed the practices and processes you
      were intending to follow, and less concerned about which practices they
      were, unless the practices are indefensible.

      Even though I think the extra audit requirements are steerable, it is also
      a fact that the types of people who are attracted to working on audit
      committees and galactic process standards boards will often feel more
      comfortable with heavyweight processes and a maximal amount of control by
      central committee.
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