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  • Robin Dymond
    Aug 3, 2007
      Hi Esther.

      Hope the course went well today, great seeing you!

      The situation is one team splitting into two, with some openings on the new teams that have yet to be filled. I think the decision is reasonable, gets them back to a 7,8 person size, etc.

      The manager wants to do some team building related activity. She's pretty set on it, and so I am willing to try. (however, as I mentioned in my request, teams get built by working together, etc.) My main goals are a) for it to be genuine (spare us from the ra ra ras) and b) for it to be enjoyed by everyone. Learning would be a valued bonus.

      I think it is good to recognize that there has been a change with this team, and that some people won't be working together, etc. I reviewed various ideas on this topic, write a letter, write an obit/birth announcement, and a few others.



      On 8/3/07, Esther Derby <derby@...> wrote:

      Hi, Robyn –



      There are lots of things that can help a team function better; it helps to know what the problem is before applying a solution.  What have you seen and heard as you observe the teams?






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      Hi everyone,


      I realize true teams come from the time it takes to become a team while doing the work. However I have a couple new teams and want to do some activities with them that will create a shared experience, require reliance on each other, be enjoyable/fun.


      Any suggestions besides team drinking games and the 59 minute scrum? :)



      Robin Dymond.


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