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22811Re: [scrumdevelopment] Team building activities

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  • Robin Dymond
    Aug 3, 2007
      I like it too... providing you can agree on what to cook :)

      On 8/3/07, George Dinwiddie <lists@... > wrote:

      Laurent Bossavit wrote:
      >> I realize true teams come from the time it takes to become a team
      >> while doing the work. However I have a couple new teams and want to
      >> do some activities with them that will create a shared experience,
      >> require reliance on each other, be enjoyable/fun.
      > Cook dinner.

      Wow, Laurent! That works on so many different levels.
      - Do food
      - Cooperative work
      - Fun
      - Allows a range of participation
      What an excellent suggestion.

      - George

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