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  • Robert Hanson
    Aug 3, 2007

      My personal experience with team building through paintball:


      Yes, it was fun.  Yes, we got out of work for a few hours.  Yes, there were pictures and youtube videos and powerpoint presentations later of how much fun we had.


      As far as team building goes:  I learned that a few people were good at paintball.  I learned that a few would rather watch from outside the arena.  I learned that if you fall down, you can hurt your arm.  None of this affected my personal perception of “being part of a team”.


      I think that activities at the workplace are important.  We all sit down for lunch at the same time, and answer trivia questions (the Isle of Man is in what body of water…)  That is a much better team building activity than paintball, and it can occur every day.


      We also do daily scrums; just committing to the rest of the team, to getting a certain amount of work done, makes you feel like you’re an important part of the team.


      And just today, something cool happened.  I’ve been advocating using TDD here for about a year now, and one guy (on a different team than mine) came up to me and proudly announced that he’d written his first unit test (“and it wasn’t even that hard”).   So I made a difference in some other programmer’s life.   Now THAT is a real team-building experience.

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      The point was TEAM building, with MULTIPLE TEAMS, right? We're not talking about building some poor kid's self esteem, we're talking about trying to establish/strengthe n/cement bonds between TEAM MEMBERS. Playing paintball as part of your TEAM will build the TEAM. Also, this just in: 2+2=4

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