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  • John Parkinson
    Aug 3, 2007
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      We used to take a new team rock climbing (indoors if necessary, outdoors if possible0. You have to learn a system, but the system isn’t sufficient. Everyone depends on the rest of the team to be safe. The process is common, but the route is an individual choice. Tools help, but only so much. You get better with practice. Everyone can do it, but not everyone will be a great climber. The team matters.


      Never had it fail, although had a few folks who didn’t get it. A powerful diagnostic all by itself….


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      Just like those incentives that allows 1 of the 100 employees to win a trip to Bahamas.


      Then creating 1 winner but also 99 loosers…



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      I never understood painball as a team-building activity... stalk/shoot your coworkers...

      On 8/3/07, Andrew Badera < andrew@...> wrote:

      Fun, non-work-related competitions between teams. Paintball. Scavenger hunts. "Biggest loser" type contests. Go-karts.

      On 8/3/07, Robin Dymond <robin.dymond@...> wrote:

      Hi everyone,


      I realize true teams come from the time it takes to become a team while doing the work. However I have a couple new teams and want to do some activities with them that will create a shared experience, require reliance on each other, be enjoyable/fun.


      Any suggestions besides team drinking games and the 59 minute scrum? :)



      Robin Dymond.




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