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22780RE: [scrumdevelopment] Re:Technology Decisions, The Team and the PO

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  • Roy Morien
    Aug 1, 2007
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      My view would be that checking out new technology, selecting it, training people in its use etc. is not part of any specific project, so where it fits in sprints is just not a question that needs to be debated. A project team should have its portfolio of tools, languages, object libraries, data dictionary, document standards, code standards etc etc ... ie: all of the infrastructure necessary to undertake development activities competently and efficiently ... all ready, willing and able to go before any project starts.
      Alternatively, if it is an essential and inherent part of a new project to decide on new technologies and tools specifically for that project, then the overhead of selecting, training and implementing the new technology (as well as an 'inefficiency allowance' necessitated by the fact that the team members just are not up to speed on this new technology) must be allocated to sprints as appropriate ... first and early sprints may be mostly learning and familiarisation activities, and the clear expectation that 'learning on the job' plus other training is necessary, will be built into the sprints. This overhead will diminish as time goes on and team members become more competent and efficient in the use of the tools. I think the idea that Scrum has a built-in concept of the project 'velocity' actually encompasses this ... the velocity will increase over sprints as a result of the education, learning and experience gained by the team members.

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      Subject: [scrumdevelopment] Re:Technology Decisions, The Team and the PO

      thanks all for your replies. it seems that the general idea is that
      the PO needs to be in the loop when a decision is made.

      What about how and when a decision is made? Do your teams usually have
      set times when they can investigate new technologies, you have a
      senior member with time allocated to research new tech or you place an
      allowance within every sprint for the team to 'catch up' on new tech.
      and investigate new technologies?


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