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22775Re:Technology Decisions, The Team and the PO

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  • David A Barrett
    Aug 1, 2007
      If a technology decision is not going to affect the schedule, limit what
      can be done in the future, change the cost of the project or have some
      other negative impact , then it falls to the developers to decide.

      In reality, though, the majority of non-trivial technical decisions aren't
      transparent to everyone who isn't a developer. For those decisions, a
      business case usually has to be made and the Product Owner has to be
      convinced that it is the right decision. If the technical issue is going
      to take a significant amount of time to build and implement, then it needs
      to go into the Product Backlog, just like any other feature or task.

      It really becomes a matter of the developers losing the feeling that they
      "own" the software because they built it. If they feel really strongly
      about an issue, then they need to convince the PO that they're right. If
      they can't do so, then they have to drop it. Even really technical things
      need to have a real business reason to do them.

      Dave Barrett,
      Lawyers' Professional Indemnity Company
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