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22767Technology Decisions, The Team and the PO

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  • aldoc_uniblue
    Jul 31 11:51 PM

      A small issue arose in the past retrospective when the team decided to
      switch technology versions without letting the product owner know. The
      reason they took this decision to switch is because i had told them
      that technology decisions are in the hands of the team, and they felt
      that if they did not switch now, before the product was released, the
      server administrators would not allow them to switch in the future.

      This has cause delays in the release of the product as the site now
      has to be re-tested with the new technology, and there are some small
      issues with the IDE.

      My reaction was that while the decision to move to the new technology
      should be in the hands of the team, if that decision affects the
      release plan, it should be passed by the product owner. Also, the work
      within the sprint should be focused on accomplishing the sprint goals
      or generating as much business value as possible and so, the time to
      perform the necessary changes or to research the technology should
      have either been in a story or in a 'research' sprint at the end of a

      The Product Owner was happy with this suggestion, but the team was not
      and so my question is, was my initial reaction correct? And what would
      you recommend as an alternative way to tackle this issue?

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