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22754Re: [scrumdevelopment] Scrum "D" and Lean

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  • srinivas chillara
    Jul 30, 2007
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      I am inclined to think of Scrum "A/B/C" as simply
      different work patterns of Scrum, coming from the same
      base, the standard Scrum roles and practices.

      Is this wrong or is it useful?

      Design patterns "singleton/bricklayer etc.." are often
      short-hand for describing design among people who are
      knowledgeable about them.

      > Scrum is a very simple process for managing complex
      > work. It has many areas
      > in which it is quiet, such as engineering practices,
      > planning and estimating
      > approaches, risk management, and others because
      > these are situational,
      > dependent on who is using Scrum when. People will
      > fill in these blanks and
      > come up with a process or approach that helps them
      > accomplish their results
      > best, keeping in mind that Scrum will keep pointing
      > out when they are
      > deficient so they can continually improve their
      > concocted process. To say
      > there is a Scrum "A", "B", "C" or otherwise is to
      > say that there are
      > multiple foundations on which to build, when the
      > base Scrum - described in
      > the literature - is more than adequate. I believe
      > that thinking this way
      > will help us avoid the babble of OO in its early
      > years, and also people who
      > "modify" Scrum to remove its most important
      > elements.

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