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22750Scrum "D" and Lean

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  • Ken Schwaber
    Jul 30 2:40 PM

      Scrum is a very simple process for managing complex work. It has many areas in which it is quiet, such as engineering practices, planning and estimating approaches, risk management, and others because these are situational, dependent on who is using Scrum when. People will fill in these blanks and come up with a process or approach that helps them accomplish their results best, keeping in mind that Scrum will keep pointing out when they are deficient so they can continually improve their concocted process. To say there is a Scrum “A”, “B”, “C” or otherwise is to say that there are multiple foundations on which to build, when the base Scrum – described in the literature – is more than adequate. I believe that thinking this way will help us avoid the babble of OO in its early years, and also people who “modify” Scrum to remove its most important elements.


      As for the connection between Lean and Scrum: you and others know lean. You look at Scrum and you can see lean in it. You use lean words and thinking to describe what you see. Great. However, Scrum isn’t based on lean, it just exemplifies some of it as you see it.




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      > There is only one Scrum,

      I am not sure how to interpret this. Are you saying that it is all
      Scrum regardless of where it is applying or that there is only one
      Scrum as defined by some person or body. Please explain more fully.

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