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  • Alan Shalloway
    Dec 1, 2003
      I am currently in Ken's Scrummaster training and had an interesting
      insight. Ken asked that I post it, see if anybody else has done
      something like this and/or wants to comment on it.

      What happened was the result of a couple of exercises. In the first
      exercise we developed the Sprint backlog amongst other things. In
      the second exercise we were to pretend that we had now completed the
      first Sprint and now had other things to deal with.

      What we did at the start of the second exercise was:
      1) pretend that we had completed the Sprint
      2) look to see what we learned
      3) look to see what we would have like to have learned

      In other words, we did an imaginary retrospection. What we saw in
      this process (took about 15 minutes) was that our first sprint
      didn't find out some things regarding performance that we now
      realized would have been a good idea (something that would have been
      useful to know going into the second sprint). We looked and found
      some things that weren't as important that we could take out.

      The bottom line was this imaginary retrospection helped our original
      definition of our sprint.

      It seems to me that this is something to do with all sprint
      planning. In other words, after defining the vision for the sprint,
      spend another 15-30 minutes then asking yourself - ok, so we've done
      this, what next? Is there something else we should have considered?

      I think this may be useful because while first building the sprint
      there are many many issues and it's sometimes hard to see the entire
      big picture. This mini-retrospection allowed us to see the part of
      the big picture that got lost in picking the backlog originally.

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