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2260Re: [scrumdevelopment] Nesting weekly iterations within monthly s prints

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  • Ron Jeffries
    Nov 26, 2003
      On Wednesday, November 26, 2003, at 2:51:33 PM, Eric Chamberlain wrote:

      > I would think that if the sprint is planned properly, there are things most
      > team members need to do as of day 1. This is where the burn down would seem
      > useful. Now, are you saying that you see the bump in the burndown chart and
      > that bump doesn't faze the team members? Hmm. If that is the case, I guess
      > you're right to look for the shorter sprint to compensate for their
      > "counting" issues.

      I believe that for many of us, a month seems like forever. There's little
      sense of urgency for a deadline that's a whole month away. I suspect that's
      why many teams like the shorter iteration sizes.

      I suspect -- and I offer this with the greatest love -- that one reason
      that Scrum and Crystal Clear suggest a one-month iteration size is that
      without further practices to keep things going, shorter iterations would be
      over before anyone did anything. If that were true, however, the right
      thing might not be to use longer iterations, but to help the team hit the
      ground running on day 1.

      > However, it seems to me that because of the start and
      > end activities (planning and reviewing) that you're setting yourselves up
      > for increased overhead with the shorter sprints--even if planning them and
      > reviewing them takes less time, I doubt overhead for a 2 wk sprint will take
      > under 1/2 the time of a 4 wk sprint!

      When the main thing slowing down the project is the overhead of planning,
      get back to me. I believe this concern to be a straw man.

      Ron Jeffries
      Yesterday's code should be as good as we could make it yesterday.
      The fact that we know more today, and are more capable today,
      is good news about today, not bad news about yesterday.
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