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  • mpoppendieck
    Feb 21, 2002

      You might want to check out the following page, titled 'Lean
      Design', on my web site:


      A good article to check out is "How Microsoft Makes Large Teams Work
      Like Small Teams", Michael Cusumano, Sloan Management Review, Fall
      1997 which is an excerpt of the book "Microsoft Secrets" by the same

      Another good source of information is material on how Toyota does
      new product development. Since Toyota is by far the most agile
      automobile developer, I think you can learn a lot from how they
      develop products. Some of the more relevant articles are:

      The Second Toyota Paradox: How Delaying Decisions Can Make Better
      Cars Faster, Sloan Management Review, Spring `95, Allen Ward,
      Jeffrey Liker, John Cristiano, Durward Sobek

      Another Look at how Toyota Integrates Product Development, Durward
      Sobek, Jeffrey Liker, Allen Ward, Harvard Business Review, July-
      August, 1998.

      Toyota's Principles of Set-Based Concurrent Engineering, Sloan
      Management Review, Winter `99, Sobek, Allen, Liker

      You basically need access to a business library to get at these
      articles, but they are very good.

      --- In scrumdevelopment@y..., "Jonas Bengtsson" <jonas.b@h...> wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > I'm going to write a paper about product-lines (for a course called
      > product-line architecture). So I thought of writing about how
      > are managed in agile development. Most literature I've read state
      that a
      > planned BDUF is the only way to go.
      > * Are there any articles etc that describes how to deal with
      > in agile development?
      > * Does anyone have any experiences with product-lines in agile
      > Thanks in advance,
      > Jonas
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