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22316Re: [scrumdevelopment] Re: Origins of Scrum

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  • Michael Spayd
    Jul 5 11:44 AM
      Hi Alan,

      On 7/5/07, Alan Shalloway <alshall@...> wrote:
      I have made several posts illustrating these connections.
      Ironically, there has been more discussion on my restatement of
      _Jeff's_ assertion (as if _I_ had come up with it when I have
      already said isn't that important anyway) than there has with
      whether my comments about using Lean in the way I do is correct or
      incorrect. I am certainly interested in people's opinions if they
      think my posts are useful, useless, questionable, unclear, concise,
      … (whatever).
      Thanks for clarifying that, Alan, it was a bit annoying that others seemed not to understand your intent. I can't comment on your use of Lean except to say it makes good sense to me (I am knowledeable, but can't claim to be an expert in Lean). I would like to emphasize another point of yours in the Agile methodology realm where I can claim expertise (or at least old dog status). That is, you first distinguished principles from practices, then said something to the effect that Scrum does not have clearly articulated principles (unlike XP or Crystal, for instance), even if the practices are quite clear.
      For me, this was a very useful observation. It is a big gap, IMO. Dave Barrett (above) did what I take to be a good first draft at articulating some principles, but these have clearly not been validated by the Scrum community. I believe, as Dave indicated, they the underlying set of Scrum principles are few and simple, but unarticulated nevertheles.
      Does that make sense to others? or do the rest of you just believe  that that would be helpful? Again, the principles in an Agile methodology do not change (though they might slowly evolve), whereas the practices are adapted by a self-organizing team and a competent coach according to experience and circumstance (and using the applications of the relevant principle).


      Michael K. Spayd
      Cogility Consulting Solutions, LLC
      "Business Mind, Social Heart"

      "Leading Agile Enterprise Transformations"
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