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22290Re: [scrumdevelopment] Agile Portfolio Managment

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  • srinivas chillara
    Jul 3, 2007
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      I thought Portfolio management was more about
      monitoring the business indicators for a group of
      projects, Schedule, budgets etc...
      It is not the same as project management. In fact, I
      suppose an important function for portfolio management
      is to provide an supportive environment for good
      methodologies to work (like Scrum for instance).

      Ofcourse a Project protfolio manager with an eye and
      stomach for detail would probably delve into how
      something like Scrum is working and guide projects on
      a hands-on manner (!?! not always a good thing, if it
      keeps on going).

      > As the blogger on the portfolio management blog, my
      > advice on the subject is
      > twofold:
      > 1) Take your agile principals and abstract them up
      > so that they cover your
      > organization or company and then use them to manage
      > your portfolio as you
      > had previously used your principals to manage you
      > projects
      > 2) Charter your portfolio (and your PMO) so that the
      > entire team understands
      > what the goals and objectives really are. Once
      > there, conceive of your
      > program/project reviews as if they were iteration
      > reviews - set the
      > portfolio review so that every project manager can
      > come to it with their
      > burn ups and burn downs fresh from theis most recent
      > iteration, then each
      > undertaking can be reviewed such that its current
      > trend is compared to its
      > plan and the current business value can be evaluated
      > and affirmed.
      > I'd be more than happy to go into any or all of this
      > in more detail, but
      > let's do it off list as this really is not Scrum
      > Development.
      > Feel free to reach me at matt.gelbwaks@...

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