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21635Re: [scrumdevelopment] Re: Script to generate index cards from product backlog

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  • Xavier Quesada Allue
    May 23, 2007
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      We have something that might be what you are looking for. We created an excel macro that generates index cards in a new excel tab. Since we started doing Scrum with your e-book, the index cards look exactly like yours. It definitely works, in the sense that it generates the information with the correct contents and format, but for some reason we have been unable to configure excel to print on physical index cards using the laser printers here. (We can't figure out how to set the page size correctly or something like that). So we have resorted to printing 2 index cards per A4 sheet of paper and cutting them up with scissors. I still consider it an extremely practical solution. (It's interesting how different teams get stuck with different problems depending on knowledge and equipment available...)

      I would like to offer it to the community, but we would need some time to "polish it up". We still have some minor issues that need to be worked out or at least documented, and some minimum documentation and credits should be added also. Oh, and I would need to generate a version with some sample data since we only have the "live" version now.

      I will try to get it ready for next week and post it to the list.

      Best regards,
      Xavier Quesada

      On 5/23/07, Henrik Kniberg < h@...> wrote:

      I tried an MS Word mail merge solution too. Clumsier than the MS Access solution, but good for teams that don't have Access.

      If someone has a good MS Word solution, how about putting it online and informing us? I'm sure many will be grateful.

      Nobody has shown an Excel-only solution for printing index cards yet. Is it impossible? I thought Excel could do everything including frying my eggs :o)


      Henrik Kniberg
      +46 (0)70 492 5284

      On 5/23/07, Petri Heiramo < petri.heiramo@... > wrote:

      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "Karl Scotland" <karls@...>
      > Hi Henrik,
      > Sorry for the late reply - I'm struggling to keep up with my email
      lists at
      > the moment!
      > I did something similar once using MS Word mail merge. You can tell
      Word to
      > use an Excel spreadsheet as the data source and setup a template to
      > like index cards. I'm sure I picked up the idea from Mike Cohn.
      > Its not quite doing it directly in Excel, but its probably simpler than
      > using Access!

      I've done the same thing for internal use. It's a bit clumsy, but it
      works when one knows how to use it.

      Petri Heiramo
      Process Improvement Manager
      SYSOPENDIGIA Plc., Finland

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