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21630RE: [scrumdevelopment] Script to generate index cards from product backlog

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  • Karl Scotland
    May 23, 2007
      Hi Henrik,

      Sorry for the late reply - I'm struggling to keep up with my email lists at
      the moment!

      I did something similar once using MS Word mail merge. You can tell Word to
      use an Excel spreadsheet as the data source and setup a template to print
      like index cards. I'm sure I picked up the idea from Mike Cohn.

      Its not quite doing it directly in Excel, but its probably simpler than
      using Access!


      > -----Original Message-----
      > From: scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com
      > Many of you have asked for the tool that I use to generate
      > physical index cards from a spreadsheet-based product backlog.
      > Well... *drumroll*... here it is!
      > http://blog.crisp.se/henrikkniberg/2007/04/30/1177944834489.html
      > A free donut to anybody who can figure out how to do this
      > directly in Excel. I couldn't so I resorted to Access. Sort
      > of like using a howitzer to kill a fly :o)
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