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21415Re: [scrumdevelopment] Re: Multiple Projects & Sprints

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  • George Dinwiddie
    May 9, 2007
      Casey Manus wrote:
      > My projects are large state goverment contracts and must be worked on
      > concurrently due to the timelines already committed to by prior
      > management.

      Note that running the projects concurrently does not get them done
      faster. It merely delays them all and delivers them about the time that
      the lastest one would be delivered if worked on serially.

      > Again, its the "when can you have this done by Friday"
      > mentality. My hope is that Scrum will help us figure out early
      > enough what the real timeline will be so we can adjust resources as
      > needed to make our line in the sand for each project. There is a lot
      > of overlap between these projects as they are the same type of
      > system, meaning you could probably share alot of the work from one
      > project to the next. We are in a sense building our "core" product
      > while fulfilling the state contracts.

      If they're really one project with different aspects, I would definitely
      treat them together. It may be that it's important to get certain
      stories done early--spread among the different aspects, and other
      stories can be deferred until later.

      I definitely would NOT treat them as separate projects run concurrently
      by the same developers. That will push the priority conflicts between
      them down to the developer level--out of the business' control. Not
      only does this not serve the business well, but it will create a lot of
      pain for the developers.

      - George
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