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21411Re: [scrumdevelopment] Re: Scrum Vs Prince2

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  • Nicholas Cancelliere
    May 9, 2007
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      Anything that is "published," and can have a finger pointed at it, becomes this way.  "Look it says right here on page 33 that you must do step X before step Y."  Even though that might not work for your organization -- you'll get people who are more comfortable with the scapegoat.
      People stop thinking for themselves and instead look for something to tell them the solution.  Then accountability is rationalized away because, well -- "I was just doing what it says to in the book for this situation!"
      ...religion comes to mind when I think of this concept.

      On 5/3/07, Ken Schwaber <ken.schwaber@...> wrote:

      Absolutely … the best guides are all of the books that have been published over the years, such as risk management. The moment it becomes a guide it becomes stepwise and restrictive, in my experience.



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      > I've noticed that sometimes people
      > criticize Scrum
      > because it omits methodological details; as I see
      > it, that's a
      > strength of Scrum, not a weakness.


      However, Don't you think a projecgt management
      cookbook, or guide etc, could be useful!?!
      (here I am not criticising what you've written below,
      I'm just wondering).
      >If someone is
      > just looking for a
      > project management cookbook, then they may find
      > Scrum doesn't give
      > them enough specific guidance for their needs.

      The traditional C-and-C means of executing projects
      (in an IT setting) must be having something in value
      for us. Maynot be the general Command and control
      approach, but some aspects. Maybe the way QC is set up
      independantly, more likely risk management, etc.


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      Nicholas Cancelliere, Austin TX
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