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21407Multiple Projects & Sprints

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  • Casey Manus
    May 9, 2007

      My company has committed to using Scrum as our methodology and are in
      the forming stages of getting development kicked off on several large
      projects. This comes after a technology shift in the company so we are
      starting from scratch on all the projects.

      We have some staffing concern, at least 4 projects with currently only
      6 developers and a few ancillary staff members (dbas, QA, etc) that
      will be involved in the projects, so that increases our total team size
      to maybe 8 or 9 at maximum.

      How do we handle this situation...I see a couple scenarios

      1. One Sprint Team, running 1 sprint at time...putting items from all
      projects into the product backlog. This appeals to me because it means
      we have high visibility into items which are similiar enough to be
      shared between projects.
      2. Run concurrent sprints for each project. I worry about this with
      such a small team, and breaking into multiple teams seems bad at our
      current size.

      We will be growing, so we will eventually be able to split into more
      than one team, but that isn't going to happen for a few more months.

      What advise can I get?
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