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21399RE: [scrumdevelopment] Re: Sprint Review and Planning Process

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  • Jeff Martin
    May 8, 2007
      I think one month sprints are doable, just not here.  But that's the beauty of agile, you can adapt the process to fit your environment and needs.

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      I think one month sprints are entirely doable.
      Especially if the project is expected to go on for
      over six months. I'm sure the PO can hold his ideas
      (atleast the majority) for a month and then prioritise
      carefully for the team to get working on them.

      Mike Cohn has an article on how long sprints can be.
      Discussed in an earlier thread.

      > We're in our 2nd year of using 2 week iterations.
      > That length of time
      > seems perfect for our company. We have a PO who is
      > constantly coming up
      > with new ideas and changing priorities, I just can't
      > imagine the amount
      > of rework we would have to do if we went a whole
      > month. A couple months
      > back, we did a 3 week iteration because we had a
      > deadline set that would
      > have been in mid-iteration. We then did three 1
      > week iterations to get
      > back on track and most of our work was going to be
      > minor tweaks to the
      > release we had just put out.
      > ____________ _________ _________ __
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      > Subject: [scrumdevelopment] Re: Sprint Review and
      > Planning
      > Process
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      > wrote:
      > >
      > > Sprints are four weeks (i.e. one month).
      > I'm actually curious how common are the 4-weeks
      > sprints, as
      > suggested
      > by Scrum. In our company, I can only think of one
      > project out of
      > quite
      > a few that have felt that four weeks might be good
      > for them (or
      > to be
      > more precise, they have felt the two-week sprints
      > were a little
      > too
      > short). In most cases, two weeks have been
      > considered good, and
      > then
      > there are some very innovation intensive projects
      > that have used
      > one-week sprints and felt them best for themselves.
      > Any more comprehensive experiences?
      > Yours Sincerely,
      > Petri Heiramo
      > Process Improvement Manager

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