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21386Re: [scrumdevelopment] Re: Scrum Vs Prince2

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  • srinivas chillara
    May 7 12:24 AM
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      > Separation of QC or QA isn't an aspect of
      > command-and-control, it's
      > just a way of organizing the work. I'm not so sure
      > QC or QA should be
      > as separate as it often is, anyway. Most of the work
      > QC/QA specialists
      > do can be integrated directly into the development
      > process and testers
      > can develop professionally along the lines of
      > generalizing
      > specialists, just as developers are doing.
      > Risk management is something that must be done on
      > all projects, but I
      > don't think it is connected with command-and-control
      > vs agile
      > management. It's just part of the work to be done.

      When you seperate things so clearly, it is difficult
      to disagree.
      I meant that ideas which might have come up, or/and
      matured during the development of C-C methodologies or
      during those days, have value. Like "Risk mgmt" etc.

      About seperation of QA/QC and dev, yes we can argue
      for a while over that, but I'll leave it for another
      In any case I found what you've written useful (in a
      positive sense).


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