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21328[SPAM] [scrumdevelopment] Re: Scrum Vs Prince2

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  • dnicolet99
    May 2, 2007

      Thanks for the explanation.

      > We specifically leave off the guidance or prescription to leave the
      > free and responsible for managing for value, Sprint by Sprint. We
      break the
      > management role into three parts:
      > 1. The team is responsible for managing itself.
      > 2. The ScrumMaster is responsible for managing the Process
      > 3. The Product Owner is responsible for managing the Product Backlog,
      > or "What" to maximize value. The PO tells the team what to do, the team
      > figures out how to do it.
      > In the matrix, you give a lot of responsibility to the ScrumMaster
      that they
      > don't own. They aren't a replacement project manager. They are simply a
      > process manager and change agent.

      Well, it isn't my matrix. I do think it reflects reality in many
      cases. It's not always possible to act strictly as a process manager
      and change agent because in many cases management doesn't recognize
      the need for that role as distinct from the PM role. Even though
      that's less than ideal, when we have an opportunity to effect positive
      change it seems to me we ought to try.

      > Scrum doesn't leave out project management methodological details to
      > them filled in by other methodologies. It relies on the above three
      > to fill them in based on their knowledge, the circumstances, and their
      > intelligence. Scrum relies on a feedback loop for them to improve, not
      > external directions.

      Thanks for the clarification. I suspect many people miss that
      particular point. Maybe that's why some people say Scrum is
      incomplete. It demands a certain level of maturity on the part of team
      members and management. They may be unaccustomed to that, since
      conventional processes are prescriptive.

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